Italy is a blend of spectacular art, ancient ruins, food and wine, and human warmth.

Rome, Florence, and Venice - each city reveals a different Italy: the Baroque exuberance with images of gladiators at Coliseum and the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Florence's Renaissance harmony with Michelangelo's David and Tower of Pisa, and the dreamy sensuality of Venice's gondalas and canals. The sumptuous countryside should be savored as well, for all that is good in life, Italian food and wine rank high.


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European Gastronomy And Fine Adventure
From S$ 18,580/Adult
From S$ 18,580/Adult
Whizz off on a gourmet adventure as you travel across different countries in Europe to top class restaurants and world recognised gastronomic cities! Head to the truffle paradise of Alba in Italy. Base in Megeve – the hidden gem of the French Alps. Visit one of the world’s great dining destination, San Sebastian. Taste the real deal on European gastronomy and fine adventure.