Gourmet & Wine

The best way to taste good food is to travel. A true foodie will head to the local market, take up cooking classes, visit bakers and dine in gourmet restaurants.

Sample cuisine from some of the best culinary traditions around the world. Wine tours offer private tastings, with tours of local vineyards and wineries.  

South Australia Gourmet, Wine And Wildlife - Adelaide, Barossa Valley & Kangaroo Island
5 days | Australia
From S$ 5,390/Adult

Become an oenologist and gourmet as you embark on a journey that is bound to tempt even the most discerning palate. Explore colonial Adelaide, Barossa Valley and complete your journey in Kangaroo Island where wildlife bound freely across the entire island!

Gastronomic Nordic - The Fine Foods And Good Life Of Sweden And Denmark
7 days | Sweden
From S$ 8,680/Adult
Experience Gourmet Kingdoms of the Nordic Region, one where you can enjoy luxurious living with gourmet food. Enjoy local favorites and Michelin Starred fine dining; shop at independent boutiques that best bring out the characters of Copenhagen and Stockholm! Relax in the top 10 rated wilderness destination in the Western Archipelago of Sweden. Enjoy the experience of floating hotel with lobster dinners and herring lunches.
Connoisseurs’ Champagne And Burgundy - Inside Grand Cru Vineyards And Culinary Finesse
7 days | France
From S$ 12,090/Adult
This combination of Champagne and Burgundy covers some of the key wine highlights of France. Carefully crafted with our selection of favourite Relais & Châteaux hotels and restaurants.
Heritage Of Loire Valley And Bordeaux
7 days | France
From S$ 7,820/Adult
This trip takes you to Bordeaux, long called La Belle Endormie (The Sleeping Beauty) as well to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Loire Valley comprising 1000 years of rich architectural, artistic and agrarian treasures!
Italian Rendezvous in Super Cars - Mille Miglia (1000 Miles) - 15-22 June 2018
8 days | Italy
From S$ 25,090/Adult
Drive your Ferrari and Lamborghini across iconic Italian destinations as you indulge in gastronomic specialties and highly-refined accommodations. The cherry on the cake will be an amazing half-day on a race track with the exclusive possibility to drive a supercar specially made for tracks.
Gastronomic Japan - A Food Trail Through Tokyo, Kyoto And Kobe
8 days | Honshu
From S$ 7,590/Adult

Rediscover your favourite Japanese cities from a gourmet perspective. Enjoy everything from epicurean delicacies to the everyday locals’ favourite street food. Enjoy lovely walks as you eat your way into our carefully selected list of restaurants and foodstalls of Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe!

Hokkaido - Foodies Galore In Fine Lodging
8 days | Hokkaido
From S$ 7,990/Adult

This remote land (Hokkaido)--the northernmost of Japan's four main islands-- imposing geography of ash-spewing volcanoes and steaming hot springs offers a celebration of nature's grandeur. This trip is perfect for those looking for great lodging in stunning surrounds while indulging in delectable fresh Hokkaido specialties.

Tuscany - A Gourmet Journey
9 days | Italy
From S$ 5,990/Adult

Take an epicurean journey into Tuscany and soak into the country lifestyle, wine and dine culture, and rich traditions through the rolling hills. Have a taste of the classic gourmet getaway in Tuscany.  Visit Chianti, the tower of Pisa and end in Florence. 

Wine & Food Trail Through New Zealand - Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough & Queenstown
9 days | New Zealand
From S$ 7,390/Adult

Fresh and vibrant – New Zealand’s wine and food is amongst the best in the world! Explore the wine regions of Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough and indulge in many tastings with informative wineries’ tours. End with some adventure in Queenstown, New Zealand's premier alpine resort!

Spain’s Finest - Of Gastronomy & The Arts
9 days | Spain
From S$ 6,890/Adult

Spain, home to 7 3-star Michelin Restaurants and the wine producing region of La Rioja, has a distinctive culture, scenery, artistic and architectural treasures holding much fascination among travelers. Immerse yourself in the cities to truly enjoy Spain’s finest!

Facets Of Tasmania Wildlife, Pristine Wilderness & Gourmet Pleasures
10 days | Australia
From S$ 5,590/Adult

Uncover the natural beauty of the pristine environment Tasmania has to offer in this complete discovery of the island. Encounter diverse natural landscape - rugged alpine mountains, crystalline crater lakes, wetlands and more and get up close with native Australian animals.

South America For The Connoisseurs - Peru, Argentina And Iguazu Falls In The Finest Hotels And Gourmet Restaurants
15 days | Peru
From S$ 13,500/Adult

Carefully crafted with our selection of 5 fine hotels and 2 gourmet restaurants by Relais & Châteaux, this combination of Argentina, Iguazu Falls and Peru covers the key highlights of South America, including 2 best-known icons– Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls – in style.

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