Uncharted Destinations

For the experienced traveler that’s been almost everywhere, Country Holidays has tours to distant and hard to reach places that are well off the tourist trail and receive few if any visitors.

It’s about fulfilling a quest for an authentic experience. Being mesmerized by the planet’s most breathtaking destinations. And being the only one to say I’ve been there!

Karnataka Treasures
8 days | West and South India
From S$ 2,050/Adult

Karnataka is home to the World Heritage–listed monuments of Hampi and Pattadakal, virtually untouched beaches and devout temple towns. Mysore, the jewel in Karnataka’s crown, is where you’d find the spectacular palaces and an atmospheric fresh product market.

Cuba - Nostalgia In The Caribbean
8 days | Cuba
From S$ 7,300/Adult

This trip take highlights of Cuba – walks in some of the finest timeless colonial towns, a unique ride in an 1950s convertible around town, picturesque villages and vivid historical sites. Soak up the captivating culture of eastern Cuba in this wonderfuly diverse region dominated by towering mountain range of the Sierra Maestra.

Wings Over Remote Ethiopia with Surreal Dallol & Omo Valley Tribes
9 days | Ethiopia
From S$ 13,580/Adult
From the centuries-old rock-hewn churches of Lalibela to the dramatic African Rift Valley, from the boiling sulfur lakes of Dallol to the fascinating tribes of Omo River Valley, let our private jet take you through some of Ethiopia’s remotest corners and cultural hotspots.
Southern Sulawesi and West Papua (with 5 Days Komodo Extension)
9 days | Bali & Indonesia
From S$ 4,880/Adult

This is true Indonesia – tribes and nature. Explore the remote destinations and experience the funeral rites, burial sites of Southern Sulawesi. Learn the way of live of Papua’s 24th ancient tribes and be amazed of one of the richest biodiversity in the world. Meet the largest lizard in the world at Komodo National park and discover the underwater world in one of the world’s most pristine reefs. 

Antarctica Fly-Cruise Expedition with Optional Polar Circle
10/13 days | Antarctica
From S$ 17,990/Adult
Skip the bumpy Drake Passage crossing by flying from Punta Arenas to King George. Antarctica XXI offer smaller size vessels to maximize more landings on zodiacs and the life time opportunity to reach the Polar Circle.
Gansu – Silk Road Less Trodden
10 days | Xinjiang & Silk Road
From S$ 6,190/Adult

Much lesser known by modern tourists as compared to Xinjiang, this slender province of Gansu has long seen travelers and goods of all kinds traveling between China and Central Asia. This itinerary covers the highlights of the Hexi Corridor, including the famous Rainbow Rocks of Zhangye Danxia to the Mogao Caves.

The Hidden Gems of Zimbabwe
10 days | Zimbabwe
From S$ 8,080/Adult

Book four nights and receive 50% off the fourth night. 

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa has a wide range of diverse environments ripe for exploring. The mighty Zambezi River, the country’s largest -Hwange National Park and the iconic safari destination, Mana Pools National Park provides spectacular sights and great safari game for adventurous. 

Adventure Across The Atacama Desert- Bolivia To Chile- Remote Route Through Indigenous Villages And Spectacular Landscapes
11 days | Chile
From S$ 8,720/Adult

Immerse in the rugged and raw beauty of remote Bolivia and Chile. Journey deep into the Southwestern circuit of the Salar de Uyuni to discover awe-inspiring, wild and diverse natural landscapes! Drive overland into Chile and be intrigued by steaming geyser fields, the bizarre Moon Valley, Andean village in the driest desert in the world!

Tibet - Journey to the Far West
11 days | Tibet & Qinghai
From S$ 5,810/Adult

Head to the remote and inaccessible far west of Tibet on this itinerary via the gateway of Ali, this itinerary is perfect for the intrepid and adventurous. Expect to be amazed by the virtually-unknown ruins of the ancient Guge kingdom at Tsaparang, the sacred Mt. Kailash, and Lake Manasarovar, on top of the very stunning and diverse landscapes from turquoise lakes to craggy mountains to glaciers.

Ethiopia - An Unspoiled Corner Of Africa
11 days | Ethiopia
From S$ 9,880/Adult

Ethiopia, the only African country not colonized by the European powers, retains much of its colorful, unique and ancient heritage. Geographically, it is where the African Rift Valley is the most dramatic, the source of the Nile and many stunningly beautiful national parks. It is truly unlike any country in the world.

Iran - The Heart Of Persia
11 days | Iran
From S$ 7,780/Adult

Iran is the heart of the Perisan civilization – one of the most ancient & long lasting! Though it has been under Islamic influence for nearly 1,500 years, the true spirit of Persia still prevails in the Iranians’ daily life today. There are now 20 UNESCO sites in Iran and you will visit 9 of them on this trip.

Primates Of Uganda - Pearl Of Africa
11 days | Uganda
From S$ 17,380/Adult

Uganda is located on the African Equator, where the savannahs of East Africa meet the rainforests of Central Africa. There are ancient forests full of rare bird species and endangered primates, rolling savannah plains inhabited by the big game favourites and the snowy peaks of Africa’s highest mountain range in the country. The result is a uniquely varied safari destination with wildlife, scenery, adventure and culture all in one place. Uganda is also home to the endangered Gorilla and man’s closest cousins – Chimpanzees. 

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