Uncharted Destinations

For the experienced traveler that’s been almost everywhere, Country Holidays has tours to distant and hard to reach places that are well off the tourist trail and receive few if any visitors.

It’s about fulfilling a quest for an authentic experience. Being mesmerized by the planet’s most breathtaking destinations. And being the only one to say I’ve been there!

Emperor Penguins and South Pole
12 days | Antarctica
From S$ 119,990/Adult
Experience the stay at Antarctica’s first and only luxury hotel camp, accessible only by private charter flight from Cape Town. Fly into the a breeding colony of Emperor penguins and have you have the chance to fly to the lowest point on Earth - the Geographic South Pole.
Pre-Inca Archaelogical Wonders of North Peru
12 days | Peru
From S$ 4,680/Adult
Northern Peru was home to advanced cultures before the Incas moved in and certainly well before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Over the course of 1400 years, pre-Inca cultures settled along the Peruvian coast and highlands.
Karakorum Silk Route Into Kashgar
12 days | Pakistan
From S$ 4,385/Adult

The trip starts in the perpetual bazaar city of Rawalpindi, where the Karakorum Highway begins. Hunza, the centrepiece for pristine natural beauty in the area will serve as a base for day hikes into the mountains. Then, we cross Khunjerab Pass, world’s highest road into China to arrive in Kashgar, one of the most exotic Asian townships.

Karakorum Silk Route With Chitral Valley
12 days | Pakistan
From S$ 3,395/Adult

The trip also passes through Chitral Valley which offers great beauty of the Hindu Kush range as well as the fascinating variety of people like the non-Muslim Kalash. Visit the colourful minorities of Kalash valley then journey towards the famous Shandur Pass down to two of Pakistan’s most memorable spots, Phandur and Khalti Lake before re-joining the highway at Gilgit.

Northwest Iran - Off The Beaten Track Into Ancient Persia
12 days | Iran
From S$ 7,780/Adult

Take the road less travelled into the rarely visited Northwestern region of the country. Marvel at the longest roofed Bazaar in the world in Tabriz, meet Sufis in Sufi master tomb Of Sheikh Safi in Ardabil, discover the step shape village of Masouleh and enjoy the scenic mix of forest, mountain and sea by the Caspian Sea. Wonder at the volcanic rock houses of Kandovan. 

Remote and Wildlife-Filled Zambia
12 days | Zambia
From S$ 12,080/Adult

Zambia is situated mainly on a vast central plateau,and boasts the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers - as well as one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls, which it shares with neighbouring Zimbabwe. With 19 national parks across the country, Zambia offers a great density and diversity of wildlife.

East To West Bhutan Panorama
13 days | Bhutan
From S$ 5,680/Adult

For the discerning travelers who wish to venture beyond, this is a complete itinerary that takes one to the remote Eastern Bhutan where many of the Kingdom’s most ancient spiritual sights are found. This is the land of the Sharchops, who speak their own language and nurture their own culture and weave beautiful textiles.

Eastern Turkey Adventure With 3 Days Kackars Daywalks Extension (May to October Only)
13 days | Turkey
From S$ 7,990/Adult

The mysterious east will reward intrepid travelers willing to venture off the beaten path. Explore the wonderfully diverse and lesser-visited gems from the dusty Kurdish southwest to the lush Armenian and Georgian northeast. A 3-day Kackars extension is ideal for those seeking respite from the hectic lifestyle, with refreshing day walks through grasslands, valleys, and dense forests.

Legacy of the 4 Stans with Orient Silk Road Express
16 days | Romance of Silk Road, Persia & Caucasus by Train
From S$ 6,770/Adult
Covering four countries, this once-in-a-lifetime train journey takes you through picturesque alpine lakes, winding backstreets, glittering domes and ancient city walls where the legacies of the Persian, Ottoman, Byzantine, Mongolian & Chinese empires cross path.
A Complete Journey of the Legendary Persia
16 days | Iran
From S$ 9,580/Adult

This is a journey that showcases you all the glories of the Persia Empire, from the legendary sights to the hidden gems of local lives. Follow in pilgrims' footsteps and explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran. 

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