Winter Splendour

Winter is the best time of year for those that prefer adventures atop snow-capped mountains.

Whether you ski, snowboard, ice-skate or just prefer the crisp winter air, many destinations await your arrival.

Ski in world-class slopes, explore ice villages, catch the Northern Lights or just enjoy snowy white scenery.

Dolomites Snow-Shoe Hiking Adventure
7 days | Italy
From S$ 5,090/Adult
Winter is perhaps the most magical time to visit the enchanting Dolomites – heart of the Alps! Embark on a fun and unique way to experience the wintry glory of the Dolomites. End your wonderful winter experience at an alpine ski paradise!
Splendid Swiss Ski
8 days | Switzerland
From S$ 4,290/Adult
Experience the best ski experience Switzerland can offer in ultimate luxury. Treat yourself to this once in a lifetime ski journey with the best hotels, the best slopes and the best ski atmosphere in Switzerland. This itinerary features 2 world famous Swiss Ski regions; St. Moritz and Zermatt, as well as the world famous Glacier Express.

Rub shoulders with the best skiers in St. Moritz on one of their exhilarating black slopes or indulge in some quality family fun time at the multiple nursery ski slopes.

Lose yourself to the charming traffic free village atmosphere of Zermatt and ski among Switzerland’s most dramatic alpine landscape. After that, relax and unwind among new like-minded friends in myriad of colorful night life activities Zermatt has to offer.
Switzerland Family Wintry Adventure
8 days | Switzerland
From S$ 8,880/Adult

See Switzerland in the wonderful, magical winter. From majestic alpines ranges to charming medieval villages, Switzerland has it all. With the winter season lasting from November to end April, this snowy wonderland has the world’s best range of Ski and winter activities.

Have your hands at the world’s only peak to peak walk and experience the 360o view at Glacier 3000. See charming, snow laden villages and come up close to nature with a magical eco-pod stay at Whitepod. 

Iceland Winter Kaleidoscope
8 days | Iceland
From S$ 9,250/Adult

Ideal from mid-December to March, this program is perfect for discerning active explorers. Travel from the mystical West coast of outstanding beauty, through incredible ice caves and stunning glacier scenery. 

Northern Lights Adventure in Remote Yukon
8 days | Canada
From S$ 6,690/Adult
With the Aurora Oval covering majority of the country, Canada is perhaps the best place in the world for Northern lights viewing! From Fall to Spring, when darkness comes to Yukon skies, the Northern Lights come out.
Swedish & Finnish Lapland Fun
8 days | Finland
From S$ 5,290/Adult

Be based away from the usual tourist trail, and enjoy a series of tasteful winter activities done in the most personalized and flexible way! This program is designed for those seeking a perfect winter holiday with unique experiences at good value and is ideal from December to early April.

Norway Northern Lights In Style - Hidden Gem In The Lyngen Alps
9 days | Norway
From S$ 6,990/Adult

Enjoy the best of northern Norway that promises stunning landscapes, deep fjords and winter adventures. Admire the beauty of Lofoten Islands and the charming Tromso. End your trip at Lyngen fjords in Northern Norway – combining luxurious living, fine dining and adventure.

Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer - Quest for the Northern Lights
12 days | Russia
From S$ 12,595/Adult

Take in the beautiful cities of St Petersburg and Moscow before exploring deep into the Russian and Norwegian Arctic Circle in pursuit of the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

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